The Golden Age of Hollywood

on December 31, 2012

A sweet article from 2007 about Katharine Hepburn’s youngest sister, Peg Perry.

Spotlight on the Stacks with Librarian Patricia Moore

A close friend of mine recently sent me an article from a July issue of the New York Times describing “A Hipper Crowd of Shushers“… stating, in essence, that today’s librarians are quite hip and not at all the stereotyped bun-wearers of yesteryear. I replied that I always knew librarians were hip and that finally, after many many years of hipness, the NYT finally caught on. But that leads me to the subject of this blog: the draw of the professional library world and why (or actually who) inspired me to become a librarian.

For me, librarianship is a calling. I began working in libraries at the age of fourteen and while I have had other jobs, life experiences, and educational experiences, one constant in my life is that I’ve always worked in libraries. Some people may find it humorous to learn that I started working in libraries…

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  1. A loving portrait of a fascinating woman. I love people like this.

  2. […] The Hippest Shusher ( […]

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