The Golden Age of Hollywood

Leading Lady Tournament: 1930s Results

Leading Lady Tournament: 1930s Results.

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Classic Movie Kisses

Classic Movie Kisses.

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Jailhouse Rock (1957)

Jailhouse Rock (1957).

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The Many Criss-Crosses of Strangers on a Train

The Many Criss-Crosses of Strangers on a Train.

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Coming in March…

Coming in March….

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Sweet Charity (1969)

Sweet Charity (1969).

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A few Katharine Hepburn funnies in this post!


A sweet article from 2007 about Katharine Hepburn’s youngest sister, Peg Perry.


Nineteen Fifty Four: Helen Jameson Hall

Nineteen Fifty Four: Helen Jameson Hall.

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Ginger Rogers’ Surprise Baby

Ginger Rogers’ Surprise Baby.

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